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An orgasm is often thought of as a definite result of sexual intercourse for both partners, but in reality, many women find it difficult to reach climax during sex. On the other hand, some find that they come too early and would like to be more simultaneous with their partner. Orgasm is much more complex than how it is often illustrated and the more you understand about the female anatomy and how your body works during sexual activity, the easier it will be to control your climax.

There are various causes of orgasm problems in women which can be easily resolved, the most common of these are:


Only 25% of women can climax through penetrative sex alone, but if their partner spends over 20 minutes on foreplay before full sex, 75% of women reach orgasm during intercourse. The main reason for this is the need for the vagina to be lubricated during sex, and most women find it hard to get suitably lubricated in the absence of foreplay, which prepares the vagina for sexual intercourse. If penetration is still sometimes difficult after foreplay, use a lubricant to ease the way!


The vagina is extremely sensitive and is therefore susceptible to infection or conditions such as Vaginismus. This causes the vagina to tighten to the point where penetration is painful, or in more extreme cases, impossible, and as a result means that sexual intercourse is unenjoyable. This can be easily treated, but if you suffer from this condition you must seek advice from your doctor who will provide you with suitable medication. The sooner you resolve this problem, the sooner you can get back to having great sex!


Although most women need foreplay to become lubricated for sex, some find that this actually makes them too wet and as a result there is a lack of friction when it comes to penetrative sex. This means it is much more difficult to gain sexual pleasure from intercourse. Drying the vagina slightly with a towel before sex will help, but it is important to keep some of the natural lubricant there to ease the way for penetration.

Another way of increasing friction during intercourse is through practicing Kegel exercises; repeatedly contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. This will tone up the muscles in the vagina, giving you the ability to tighten them during sex and giving you both a more intense sensation.


Some women find that their clitoris is too sensitive to be touched even before sex – a sensation that most women will feel after orgasm. This can not only mean that foreplay is off limits, but also that some sex positions are uncomfortable.

Opting for rear-entry penetrative sex positions such as doggy style means that you can enjoy sex without clitoral discomfort getting in the way. Practicing indirect clitoral stimulation such as cupping the pubic mound or focusing on the labia will ensure foreplay is still possible before intercourse. If clitoral stimulation causes pain, seek medical advice.


One of the most common reasons that women may have a problem reaching climax during sex is not a physical issue, but a psychological one. Stress, lack of desire or having your mind on other things can all mean that orgasm is almost impossible. It is completely normal to go through periods of worry and once you feel more relaxed in your personal life, you should find orgasm much easier to reach and sex more enjoyable again.

If you feel that the issues that are stopping you from being able to orgasm are ongoing, always seek medical advice from your doctor. Don’t let it stop you from having an amazing sex life!

It is important to remember that some women never reach climax through penetrative sex; everyone’s body is different and gaining orgasm through other sexual activity such as oral sex and masturbation is just as satisfying for you and your partner and can be even more intense!

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